Build and develop communities devastated by war – By helping GSMSG achieve its goals of providing medical/surgical support as well as comprehensive training to these communities, you are creating a self-sustaining solution for the population.  This is different than almost every other aid group which only provides supplies or assistance without the transfer of skills or knowledge and leaves the population permanently reliant on outside support.  Helping GSMSG helps these populations become self-sufficient.

Help save American lives abroad - GSMSG is also the only non-profit surgical organization to have directly saved the lives of US personnel downrange in Iraq with our own forward trauma surgery teams. 

Promote Military Veterans - In addition to directly helping save lives overseas, you are helping an organization that specifically recruits US military veterans.  By joining the GSMSG team, veterans can continue to pursue their lifelong commitment to serve their country and one another, creating real change on the ground in war zones around the world.

Our official IRS audited AFR rate is an unprecedented 2.4%.   That means 97.6% of your donation goes directly downrange.


Individual support - A weekly or monthly recurring tax-deductible donation of as little as $5 goes a long way in sustaining our medical and surgical operations.  If you find our cause worthwhile please make a recurring donation to GSMSG.

Become a leader - Offer to become the CFC coordinator for your office/unit and spread the word about GSMSG and our ongoing operations in war zones.  We encourage you to repost this in your office and social media networks to your friends who are federal employees and members of the armed services. 

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