Global Surgical and Medical Support Group is 501(c)3 charitable organization approved by the IRS.  Our Federal Tax ID number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 47-4251351.  GSMSG is a registered non-profit corporation based out of Florida and is also registered with the Florida Division of Consumer Services.  

All of our medical experts take time out of their normal professional schedules to take part in our medical trips to various parts of the world.  None of our team members are monetarily compensated for their medical work but all agree that the results of our humanitarian efforts are reward enough.

Per our most recent IRS audit, 97.6% of your donations go toward GSMSG medical missions and program costs.  

US Veteran Involvement - Given the nature of the areas where our medical teams operate, we prioritize bringing US military veterans along as part of our teams to maximize the set of skills on the ground.

Leadership Compensation - NONE.  We would like to reiterate that 97.6% of your donations go towards GSMSG being able to achieve the medical objectives as efficiently as possible.  Unlike many other global medical organizations encumbered by large bureaucracies, GSMSG utilizes the latest technologies to organize and mobilize our resources.  Your generosity and contributions allow us to do that.

Click here to view a copy of our IRS determination letter.