EMT Training Program


These positions are pending a USG grant currently under review.

Please read -

  • This program aims to enroll and train approximately 1,500 students in basic medic skills. It will take place over one year in Northern Iraq; 46 weeks will be devoted to training and 6 weeks will be reserved for program review and data analysis.  Target program start date is January 1, 2018 or later.

  • Approximately 50% of the trainees will be female.  Female EMT instructors are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • There are 11 paid core employee positions offered. In addition to the base salary, GSMSG will cover 3 round trip airfares to Iraq, housing including a gym, and food during the training program.   Estimated value of these above base salary is approximately an additional $16,500.

  • All potential employees will undergo at least 3 rounds of interviews with GSMSG staff. Applicants will be required to undergo drug screening, criminal and employment background checks, and physical fitness certification.

  • All applicants must have a valid US, UK, CAN, NOR, or EU passport and current driver's license.

  • All applicants must be fully proficient in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint).

  • Employees will be  responsible for the safety and security of the team, will ensure team cohesiveness, and will take part in maintaining equipment and GSMSG facilities.

  • Employees will be responsible for being knowledgeable in GSMSG guidelines, protocols, standard operating procedures, and ethics.

  • There are 100 positions available for “surge” volunteers who would still like to assist in training locals in EMT skills but who are not selected for the 11 GSMSG employee positions. Surge volunteers are not expected to commit a full year of volunteer time, but are required to assist in the training program for at least two weeks.

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EMT Trainer

Eight positions available



  • You will be part of an 8-person training team directly responsible for EMT student education.  Each trainer will have an interpreter and 4 local EMT trainees.  You will provide constant feedback to the rest of the team regarding the progress of their group of trainees. You will also be responsible for collecting basic trainee demographic and academic data. The curriculum is pre-set but adaptable as the program progresses.  You will train for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon with briefings before and after.  You will be responsible for ensuring that your group is able to pass the competency tests administered every two weeks.  

  • As 50% of trainees will be female, female EMT trainers are encouraged to apply.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • NREMT-Paramedic (minimum 5 years experience), USSOCOM ATP (minimum 3 years experience), or ICU/CCU/Level 1 Trauma Bay Nurse (minimum 5 years experience).

Salary Range:

  • $60,000-$70,000

Medical Officer

One position available


  • You will oversee all of the medical training on the ground, will provide higher level reference, guidance, and approval for what is being taught by the EMT Trainers if any questions should arise. You will also rotate between training clusters of trainees, trainers, and interpreters to ensure that the training is accurate and robust. You will act as a substitute should any EMT instructor be temporarily incapacitated, and will refer back to the GSMSG Board of Medical Advisers if further medical direction is required.  You are also the first point of contact if there are any health issues with the team members.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant or higher (minimum 3 years experience at that level)

Salary Range:

  • $90,000-$100,000

Training Coordinator

One position available



  • You will help to prepare each training cycle to ensure that it is adequate trainee enrollment and trainer preparation. You will coordinate daily curriculum with the trainers, ensure that all necessary equipment is ready for each day of training, andfacilitate daily training session activities in an efficient manner. You will be responsible for addressing any program issues or complications related to training activities as they arise.  You will also be tasked with administering exams and collecting trainee performance metrics.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • NREMT-Basic (minimum of 3 years active experience at that level)

  • Experience in administrative positions (must be fully proficient in data processing)

Salary Range:

  • $45,000-$55,000

Program Manager

One position available



  • As Program Manager you will be in command of the GSMSG EMT training team on the ground in Iraq.  You will coordinate directly with the Global Program Director in Washington, DC.

  • You will coordinate all aspects of the training within the established program framework including determining team location You will interface directly with local security forces and coordinate with four GSMSG local deputy program managers.

  • You will also be responsible for in-country communications with U.S. government personnel.You will maintain daily communication with and provide regular updates directly to, the Global Program Director in Washington, DC.

  • You will collect, analyze, and periodically report trainee data to the Global Program Director.  

  • You will be responsible for the safety and well-being of your team members.

  • You will be responsible for maintaining team cohesiveness, morale and the orderly conduct of GSMSG team members.

  • You will consult with the Board of Medical Advisers, Board of Security Advisers or directly with the Board of Directors for further guidance if needed.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Extensive leadership experience in austere environments.

  • The integrity and capability to lead a team for an extended period of time in Iraq.

Salary Range:

  • $70,000-$80,000