Step 1: Look at the list above to see high priority items that are currently needed.

Step 2: Make sure your items do not contain anything within the list of "what NOT to send" below.

Step 3: Email us directly at with an inventory list of items you plan to donate and to prepare your tax-deduction if you would like one.

Step 4: Ship your items to: GSMSG PO Box 32174, Washington DC 20007-2174, USA.  There we will be able to process your donated items for shipping to our teams in conflict areas.

Step 5: Recieve a tax deduction for the value of your donation and enjoy the fact that your donation will change the lives of thousands.

Every year, medical institutions across the US are required to throw away thousands of pounds of unused medical equipment and supplies.  Why not put that to good use instead?  Something as simple as a suture or a hemostatic clamp could mean the difference between life and death for those trapped in a conflict zone.

In addition to being a part of GSMSG efforts to train local medical personnel and building long-term sustainable medical programs, you also reduce the amount of medical waste and plastics that end up in US landfills.

How do you directly benefit?

GSMSG team members at a field hospital in Northern Iraq near Mosul

GSMSG team members at a field hospital in Northern Iraq near Mosul

  • GSMSG is a 501c3 therefore your qualifying donation can in turn give your medical center a tax write off.
  • By donating your excess medical supplies, you will also eliminate the need for storing them at your facility as well as eliminate the cost of disposal.

What not to send.

  • Personal Prescription Medications
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Broken/Incomplete/Unusable Equipment
  • Anything considered a Hazardous Material