When: Summer 2015 

Where: Northern Iraq


  • For the second medical mission we brought some of the best medical and surgical experts in the world to these front line communities. 

Team members:

  • US Board Certified general surgeons, family medicine physicians, neuropsychiatrists, as well as security experts and medical assistants.

What was accomplished:

  • At the basic medical clinic that had been established in the Christian refugee camp called Ankawa II, our medical professionals saw 100+ patients, screened patients for surgical procedures, and provided home visits to immobile patients who could not walk to the central medical clinic.
  • Our surgical experts were able to provide surgical procedures for free to patients in the refugee camps who otherwise would not have had access to this level of medical/surgical care.
  •  Our surgical experts also began to teach local Kurdish surgical residents, senior surgeons, and surgical staff the techniques used in the US.  During procedures the surgical OR would fill with Kurdish surgeons and surgical students who were watching how our lead surgeon operated.  When she finished, the local medical professionals would routinely ask questions and ask if they could observe more procedures.  We believe training local health professionals generates a sustainable medical practice in the region.
  • Our neuropsychiatrist tended to those patients with psychiatric disorders where such care is nearly non-existent.
  • GSMSG team members met with the US Consul General in Erbil and local security contacts again reaffirmed our connections.