When: Fall 2015 

Where: Northern Iraq


  • The objective for this trip was to expand our operations with an emphasis on teaching local Kurdish medical personnel.  The force multiplier effect of teaching is what allows GSMSG to leave a permanent and significant impact on the region.

Team members:

  • Some of the greatest US board certified experts in the fields of trauma surgery, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and interventional radiology (in addition to the usual security experts).

What was accomplished:

  • Our experts in interventional radiology taught several seminars to dozens of Kurdish diagnostic doctors/surgeons/specialists.
  • Our experts in trauma and battlefield surgery were able to give lectures to over a dozen doctors and surgeons that were treating the Peshmerga and combat injuries.
  • Our cardiothoracic surgery experts taught a dozen Kurdish cardiac surgical specialists how to do the latest techniques and procedures.
  • Each of our medical experts directly completed or participated in at least a dozen procedures in their respective specialty.
  • A GSMSG team traveled to the front line medical facilities surrounding ISIS held territory to explore the idea of instructing local medics in pre-hospital care.