When: Winter 2016-2107 

Where: Northern/Eastern Iraq


  • Provide assistance and medical relief for the complex cases that required a level of expertise not available in the region to this population in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan. The GSMSG surgeons also tended to patients who were critically injured in fighting with ISIS.  
  • GSMSG physicians would treat non-surgical patients in the major hospital emergency departments.
  • GSMSG MD's would also provide advanced trauma life support training to medical personnel.  
  • GSMSG veteran medic teams taught combat casualtiy care in several locations including Erbil, Sulimaniyeh, Duhok, Kirkuk, and Zakho.
  • GSMSG leadership interfaced with KRG ministries including the Kurdish Foreign Minister, Prime Ministers office, Interior Ministry, Governor of Duhok, and Peshmerga leadership.

Team Members:

  • GSMSG Orthopedic Surgeons
  • GSMSG Trauma Surgeons
  • GSMSG Emergency Medicine Physicians
  • GSMSG Interventional Radiologists
  • GSMSG Military Veteran Medics from the US and Norway

What Was Accomplished:

  • Patients treated by GSMSG teams included Iraqis, Syrians, Kurds, Yaizidis, as well as coalition forces
  • Over 50 complex surgeries were completed
  • Over 350 patients were tended to in the emergency departments
  • Over 450 local medics were trained in basic combat casualty care
  • Over 100 local medical professionals were taught in advanced surgical techniques and advanced trauma life support
  • GSMSG formalized agreements between the organization and various ministries within the Kurdish government