All donations are eligible for IRS tax-deduction.

Below are examples of what your donation goes toward.


medical ob kit.jpg

$10 - For this amount we can purchase a single OB kit which will help us safely deliver babies in a field/pre-hospital setting.  Example is a Morrison Medical OB kit.


spave saver cot.PNG

$50 - For this amount we can purchase a single elevated cot which will allow a mother, a child, or a patient, the dignity to not sleep on the ground.  Example is a Mayday Space Saver Cot.

cat tournquet.jpg

$100 - For this amount we can purchase a 3-pack of CAT tourniquets by NAR products.  With this product we have been, and will be, able to save lives in the field by preventing lethal extremity arterial bleeding.

CPR trainer kit.jpg

$400 - For this amount we can purchase a CPR training kit to educate medical professionals and lay-persons downrange how to provide prompt and competent care to patients downrange.  Pre-hospital basic care is unfortunately lacking and is a major contributor to mortality in the region.  Help us to train the population!  Example is CPR Prompt Adult/Child 5-Pack.

airway management.jpg

$1000 - For this amount we can purchase an airway training set.  Establishing an airway is literally the "A" in the ABC's of emergency care.  This skill set is essential for pre-hospital care providers that we train.    With your help in acquiring a single airway station, we can train dozens of local medical professionals in proper airway management who can go on to provider life saving care to an exponentially greater number of patients.


$5,000 - For this amount we can purchase a portable ultrasound machine.  This equipment is not only essential in OBGYN care but are also extremely valuable with emergency/trauma patients.  With an ultrasound device, and the opportunity to train local medical professionals in its use, we can prevent hundreds of unnecessary, and often lethal, emergency surgeries that are often done to look for internal injuries.

$15,000 - Off road capable vehicles are essential when it comes to delivering pre-hospital care downrange.  For this amount we can purchase a pickup truck locally, retrofit it to deliver aid and to transport patients from their point of injury, to a hospital.  The existing plan for most of the region is to place a patient in the nearest vehicle and drive usually with no care en-route.  With your help, we can change that!